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More on the atrocity known as American International gangsterism going back to the 70's and the Nixon/Kissinger cabal but continued through succeeding presidencies:



More can be read at "Out Of The Illusion ". Above link should now work AustEST 12/02/2019 1255hrs.

By FrayedBear9
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Both links gave me nothin' (Jersey gangster accent) lol

The only thing the experiment in prohibition gave us (Americans) was organized crime. Meyer Lansky, jewish mob accountant has photos of Hoover (apparently Hoover was gay), blackmailed him and for his whole term as director of the FBI refused to admit there was an organized mob or go after them. Modern American politics is so connected to organized crime and big corporate today it is hard to know who is not bought.

Thanks. Hopefully now fixed. If not go to the Commondreams home page and search using the 2019/....-change reference.

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