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All Americans need to read this, something outside the echo chamber. It is about what makes people over the world feel threatened. You should especially take note of your allies, Sth Korea and Japan, and who they perceive to be their bigger threat.


powder 8 Feb 12

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As I am not American...I'll ignore it 😉

Will have your country there.
Climate change wins most places

@powder eh?


Tnx good look and read. Mist interesting point I found was how fear of U.S. power went up everywhere, except Poland.

Not so much fearing the power, its fearing the US's willingness to use that power disregarding international norms is what freaks me out. Checks and balances are non existant since the patriot act came in force.


For one thing, I wouldn't be so dismissive of Poland's concerns. (Not suggesting you are. I just mean it in general terms.)
They have reason to be concerned about Russia.
They definitely have a historic basis for it, as well as present-day concerns.

It's so pathetic that so many in the US refuse to look at the world through a
much larger lens. We DO live in a global economy, and what effects one, can
conceivably effect all. Climate change is a very real and present issue.
That we have a moron in the White House who refuses to acknowledge the proven
science, and doesn't know the difference between climate and weather, is just
so deeply disturbing.

We cannot afford to be xenophobic, isolationist, and nationalistic.
It's short-sighted AF.
It's also a horrible business model.

Both Poland and Ukraine had many Nazi collaborators so the distrust is mutual I think. Finland helped the Nazi's siege of Leningrad so there is a history of mistrust in that region. The far right is again on the rise in these countries with American support, not good.
I think the agreement at the fall of the USSR should be abided by. The former USSR countries which now border Russia stay neutral, don't join NATO, creating a buffer. NATO moving Eastward, expanding, concerns Russia. I find Russian actions perfectly logical and see Russia responding, not initiating.
Remember Ukraine and John McCain egging on the coup, promising US support and whipping up the crowds (would the coup have happened without this support....?). Yet Russia cops the blame for Ukraine solely by the media.

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