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Any film enthusiasts around the Sedona/Flagstaff/Phoenix area? Yes, I mean movie nerds. But I am also a director and producer with my own production label. So I'm also interested in cool topics with those working or interested in the industry.

Shaggy 4 Feb 17

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I run a film group in Phoenix on Meetup. You should check us out, it doesn't cost anything. []


Most of the time, I am filming internationally. I've produced three eight-episode seasons of a show called the Travel Geek Documentaries. These are plotless gorilla docs that focus on history, culture and cuisine. Lately, though, I've been making more advocacy docs. I'm halfway through the production of one called Home Free, about the American nomad movement (tiny home dwellers, vanlifers buslifers, full time RV lifers, ets). You can Google my name. I'm sure a lot of them will come up. I'm also a professor of journalism and documentary studies. So I work at different colleges around the world and film over the summer and winter breaks, sometimes with my students, and bring both content and discussions into the classroom. Are you into film?


Hi Shaggy: What kinds of films have you produced?

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