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PragerFU: God and Suffering, Part II - misterdeity

phxbillcee 9 Feb 18

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This is how defines intersubjective. For some reason, it didn't recognise intersubjectivity:

adjective Philosophy.
comprehensible to, relating to, or used by a number of persons, as a concept or language.

My guess is the definintions of good and bad things are intersubjective and that might be as close as we can get to objectivity.

Ought to Post that in "Uncommon Words..." Group. & I think I agree with you on this. Most of us have a common core of shared basic values, even if they are not truly "objective". We have to exist & interact in a society so our culture helps shape those values we hold in common, & is the reason why they can shift & change over time.


A few memories this video triggered:

I went to a Baptist college. I was a Christian back then but even this sounded wrong to me: another student said that God is like a potter with clay, and a potter has the right to create anything he wants, whether it’s a vase or a garbage can. So if God creates someone evil or hell bound, that’s his right. The other student chatting with us agreed with her.

My cousin was telling me all sin is the same - whether stealing or murdering or having a same-sex relationship, and she doesn’t judge anybody for anything because we all sin and all sin is the same.

Once at church I was telling someone what a hard time I was having and why didn’t God do something for me. Her answer was: “Remember, Jesus suffered more than you!”

Both of those ideas are Bible-based. If you question the rightness of them, you probably get another scriptural comeback:

My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, says the Lord.

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