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Any pro-wall atheists out there? I have been down near the border filming my latest documentary recently, and I didn't see any sign of this "emergency" or whatever it's being touted as.

By Shaggy4
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The only people that want a wall are in states that don’t live anywhere near it or have even been there.
There’s no emergency, no need to spend 70 billion dollars to built it. This is a sick man child’s xenophobic fantasy.


I would not call myself pro-wall. I don't think a wall would hurt and might even help the situation a little, but Trump seems obsessed with it and seems to rely on it as the "final solution" to the immigration issue. While I don't think the wall will help so much that it is worth the price tag, I am not anti-wall enough to think that the Democrats are missing an opportunity by stamping their feet and saying "no wall, no way, no how". Exploit Trump's obsession and the Republican's spinelessness to get something from them. Possible examples? Reverse some of the tax cuts on the wealthy to pay for the wall and maybe a little tax relief for the middle and working classes. Or, get somewhere on fixing healthcare. The Democrats are blowing it on this wall nonsense, at least in my opinion.

piphirho Level 6 Feb 20, 2019

Do yourself a favor and Google "Great Wall of China" know, the thing so big it can be seen from space? ( the only thing that can be seen from space!) About 5,500 miles long, between 16-25 feet thick, at least 16'tall, and some areas emuch higher, solid masonry, fully staffed by army at all times. Total number of invaders kept out in its' long existence: ZERO. Yup, none, zilch, nada, 0.
Then tell me how thisis a great use of my taxdollars.......

@piphirho How can they use a huge expense to get anything else done? There would be no more money.


Not for trumps wall, but we should probably have some type of security. Something on the cheap side. I don't think it's an emergency at all, there are far more important things to worry about.

We do have border security. There is no "emergency".

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