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I truly do not understand how someone can be an atheist and a conservative. It baffles me how you can vote for people who think you're Satan and wants to force feed religion down your throat at every turn. I'm not trying to start shit, I just want to know how you can justify it.

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Feb 27

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I guess not believing in god doesn't automatically make one reasonable or good or smart. It's just that reasonable, good and smart people are more apt to be atheists.

gearl Level 7 Feb 27, 2018

Someone who is mainly focused on money and anti-government, but realizes that in order to achieve those goals they need the votes of gullible Christians, then you might support Republican candidates. I doubt that Trump, Paul Ryan, or Mitch McConnell actually believe in religious dogma - (hard to imagine Trump praying), but pretending to believe is a requirement to run as a Republican.


Liked...wish there was an FBish "love" button on this one!


I truly do not understand how anyone whatsoever can be a conservative!

Jnei Level 8 Feb 27, 2018
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