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How could middle income people afford to travel to Marz on Elon's space fleet?

The average cost could eventually be as low at $200,000 one way flight.

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RobertFoley 6 Mar 3

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I don't think that I want to bet on traveling to Mars being very affordable anytime soon. Launch costs would have to go way down for that. Check SpaceX's pricing page and do the math. Using SpaceX's pricing for capacity values, $62M for 4 MT for the Falcon 9 and $90M for 16.8 MT for the Falcon Heavy, I find $15,500/kg and $5,400/kg respectively. $200,000/flight means only 37 kg -- very small.


Assuming they let younger folks go (which they may not as any accumulated radiation exposure over a lifetime may doom all the young ones to cancer while older folks it's not as much of a concern, same reason they don't usually treat prostate cancer over a certain age as you'll die of old age usually before the cancer kills you) maybe the $200k price includes room and board which may be worth much more than the $200k price tag 🙂


Forget Mars.. Is it cheaper if we just want a one-way shuttle for 45 to the moon?


I predict that 80 years from now, interplanetary shuttles full of drunken college kids,will be flying there to get drunker n stupider!


Marz? Can I get tickets to a Marz concert? Are they that expensive? (Marz, the Croatian based rapper)


Its one way. I'd be happy if all the 1% buggered off to Mars.


Price will come down when they make buses.


I'd donate to send some people.


JimG Level 8 Mar 3, 2019
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