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God created humankind. Hmm... Who created God?

By zesty7
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Kodiamus Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

We either have an uncaused cause(er) i.e. God or we have an infinite regression. The problem I have with the Big Bang theory is the same problem I have with God. What/who caused it? If nothing and no one then it’s and uncaused cause and if something or someone then how/why were they the cause? And again we’re back at the case of who made/caused who/what? And thus we have weed, acid, ecstasy, coc, etc. etc. ???

Kodiamus Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

i was asking that question at 15.
looking at it another way. who created the universe?


God created god, so he could sacrifice himself to himself ... ain't dat right ?


We are made of dust. Where does it come from? From exploding stars.
Who created those stars? The Big Bang, natural laws...
Who created the Big Bang and the laws of nature?

  • ? -
    When you start asking questions like these, you sooner or later hit a wall of unknowability. What is behind this wall? Some call it "nature", others call it "god"
Matias Level 8 Mar 4, 2019

God made man in his own image, and man being a gentleman returned the compliment.



He always was, pretty stupid idea right.

Marine Level 8 Mar 4, 2019

There are no gods, all of the known ones through literature, have been created by the humans who wrote each and every one of their silly sacred books or mythology.

Mofo1953 Level 8 Mar 4, 2019

The theistic response: God is all powerful and needs no creator, he always existed and always will.
My response: It is much more likely the other way around; humankind created God and godkind. Humans are a species that asks questions and tries to figure things out, even from a very young age, and we often use stories to explain things. For most of our history, we knew little to nothing about the world we live in -let alone how we came to be in it. This did not, however, stop us from wanting to know or at least feel as if we did. Lacking any real evidence, people throughout the world and throughout time came up with many interesting stories to explain elements of their world and bodies and how these things came to be. Those stories that were well liked or somehow useful survived and spread, whereas others were forgotten in a way that has mirrored evolution to an interesting extent.
Now, today, God is simply one of the characters who has won the struggle to survive and be believed by more people. For reasons unknown to me, these ideas seem to take hold in people, stick there despite any evidence against them, and be passed on to whoever those people can convince. We know a great deal about reality now; we don't need a god to explain thunder or earthquakes or volcanoes, but we keep him around mostly for tradition and comfort. Most of the population have always believed and feel a personal connection with this character. Likewise, most of them enjoy the special feeling of thinking that the creator of the universe not only specially created the universe for their species but also created their species to be his best creation and more personally created them and still cares enough about their tiny life to listen to their prayers, grant them, and love them. In this way they can deny the much more likely reality that humans evolved according to events in the universe, are not divine in origin, and are probably not even a minor concern of the universe and/or its possible creator. They also seem unable to understand that the later being true does not result in our lives and actions being all together meaningless or our species being uninteresting and no different from animals. We are animals, but we have the amazing ability to explore and learn about this universe we live in. We tell stories and assign our own meanings to life, which in itself makes us pretty interesting when compared to what we know of every other species currently alive. Humans are important to other humans, and to the life of all on the planet in general, but it seems that is not enough for many people. They need to be important to the universe, reality itself, or the creator of it all; God allows and encourages this notion, and so it continues beyond the majority of its original purpose of explaining aspects of the natural world being solved.


I am dog. The great and powerful. And i created everything which creepeth, walketh, swimeth, or flyeth upon the earth! And i did it all in seven days!

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