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Hi everyone, I'm new to this group and I'm looking forward to getting to know some likeminded people! Happy Womens Day !

Freefromgod 7 Mar 8

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Welcome to the funest, godless, place to put your head.....and "spoiler alert", some are more likeminded, but we do have some conservatives here...theres a corner for them here somewhere.


More than a few couples have been created here,along with at least several marriages,so enjoy,interact with the postings and there are chatrooms also.


Welcome aboard. Enjoy your stay. I lived in Taos for nine years in the 90's I love New Mexico.

I love Taos! I was living in Tucson for 3 years which is also nice but finally got my company to bring me back to NM!


Welcome from East coast crew. We don't really have a crew, but it sounds good like that.


Hi welcome


Welcome to the den of heathens.


Welcome! Happy International Women's Day back to you.


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