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She made a truthful statement. Why is she being castigated?

By ToolGuy8
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Castigated for truth.

Jacar Level 8 Mar 9, 2019

For someone who is not a U.S. citizen, you sure have an obsessive interest in U.S. politics.

Bobby9 Level 8 Mar 9, 2019

And you do not know why? Can you figure it out?

@ToolGuy I can easily figure it out. You are a socialist who is compelled to advance your theory.

@Bobby9 Well the socialists who know me are ROTFLTAO. I regularly tell them that they will be successful in marketing socialism when MacDonalds markets liver to kids to eat. Your problem is that you do not understand.

Maybe you do not understand the impact and extent of the American empire? And the harm it has done. Its unwavering uncritical look at its policies is appalling to the rest of th world and yet I know there are many sensible caring Americans who object to the fascism emerging in your country and around the world. Your country could be a force for good but is not. []

@ToolGuy Please show where any definition of the word "empire" fits in to anything America says, does, or is. While we have a very poor excuse for a President at the present time, our government is not facist.

@ToolGuy I understand, I don't accept as you do.

@Bobby9 Not yet maybe. But it is moving in that direction. When you are a frog sitting in a pot of water that is gradually heating up, you may not realize that you should take action. But the observers can see it getting worse. Corporate rule is part of what fascism is about and the USA is well along the way to that. But here is the definition you asked for. “2.1 An extensive sphere of activity controlled by one person or group.”

@ToolGuy What control, and what person or group are you referrng to?

@Bobby9 The US government, corporations and military control the actions by actual aggression or by economic threats in many parts of the world. At the moment it is Venezuela. Central America, parts of South America — the first 9/11 took place there, the near east, etc. The USA has 800 military bases in about 70 countries around the world. Yes the ostensible reason is peaceful but the real reason is intimidation.

@ToolGuy No, the real reason is, in most cases, National interest. If we were Imperailistic in nature, we would still rule Japan, and Western Germany. Corporations are not part of Governement. I would agree with you that they act solely in their own interest, without regard for people. Venezuela seems to be splitting apart without any help from the U.S. Additionally many many other Governments do not recognize Maduro as the legitimate President.


Because Mossad, and AIPAC ordered she be castigated.

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