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An Open Letter to Ilhan Omar, the Lioness Who Entered the Halls of Hyenas


Lets all hope she takes his wishes to heart and stands in the winds of change for us. Well put Mr. Teodrose Fikre

"Out Of The Illusion " Group

By William_Mary8
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to find out who has power over you find out who you can't criticize.
so long as the USD is the world reserve currency they'll rule the world.


This happens when a bunch of barbarians get transferred to the civilized word and elect a "representative". What a bad joke!

zesty Level 7 Mar 9, 2019

@Gooniesnvrdie she's referring to Ilhan Omar as barbarian. Probably without knowing a dam thing about this woman's life. zesty, also having been a transplant from another country here, obviously thinks she is of better DNA. She's all gun hoe for racist imperialism and colonization for resources for the benefit of the few.

@Gooniesnvrdie I've been around the block with her before over the Venezuelan issue going on now. She is rather full of the MSM's delusional rhetoric. Claimed she has came from a dictatorship run country like that in Venezuela. I personally take that as meaning she packed up all her wealth and abandoned her people.


My only response is, what did she say that wasn't/isn't true?

Her apology. Being forced to apologize for something she didn't indicate is not a truth. It sets a false narrative towards the establishments agenda to quell dissenting speak against AIPAC. Which she is not only entitled to do, but should do so in support of the American people. Which Teodrose Fikre confronts in this piece and warns her of, becoming powerless if she allows them to control her in such a manor. As he also stated, that AOC has allowed them to do to her. But I think I understand you reply. Maybe you just didn't read the article, or enough to get the full sense of the issue?

@William_Mary I meant, what did she say about AIPAC that isn't true?

The entire Jewish policy as understood by both the Dems and Repubs is based in hypocracy and fallacy. But the worst part is that one cannot have a civil discussion about Jewish policy without being labeled an anti-semite.

To disagree with a policy is not anti-semitic, it is to say that you don't agree with the policy. It does not say you are opposed to the state of Isreal. The present ultraconservative policy in Isreal towards the Palestinians is apartheid at best, approaching genocide at worst.

To be opposed to this policy does not mean I oppose Isreal, excactly the opposite. The national stance on Isreal by both parties feeds into this narratve and is wrong. The fact that a dialog cannnot be had is even more wrong. What Ilhan Omar is doing is correct, but her approach is naive.

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