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Just bought my ticket back to America. I have a 6 hour layover in Paris Whats a boy to do?

DavidGreen1 6 Mar 9

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Kitty O'Sheas. Rue d'Oberkampf and a great restaurant... So many many options.

Any close to the Airport

@DavidGreen1 Hmm - no: not that I know of. But try Trip Advisor?


Come to see us in NW England

I have an 8 hour bus ride from Inverness on the 9th and fly out on the 10th from London Gatewick Will end up sleeping in the Airport 😟

@DavidGreen1 Nooo come and eat here

@Amisja I would love to have a real Lancashire Hotpot But I have a tight schedule To bad you are not in London

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