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So I was having breakfast this morning in a diner when I heard 3 elderly white couples who had just finished attending their local church lament about how the colleges and universities were indoctrinating the students who attend those schools and how it was tearing apart the fabric of our society. It took a lot of restraint to not engage with them. Just wondering how you keep it together?

Brad71 4 Mar 10

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I probably wouldn't keep it together. I'm high maintenance and require constant adult supervision in instances like that to keep me from laughing out loud and/or politely phrasing awkward questions. I would have liked to know where they got that idea, for starters. Something from church or Fox news?


It’s a feature of the right wing to be constantly giving the gullible some new conspiracy theory to panic over.

It distracts from their many misdemeanours


I think I would have quickly collected all the evidence I could and given em a gob full.

Alternatively, I would have made my own brekkie

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