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Tomorrow will be day 6 at work and no other chefs in site to give me a day off. My boss went on Vacation and the other chef decided to get sick. Going to be a very very long week

DavidGreen1 6 Mar 11

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I don't think they'll respect you unless you play the game.


My sympathies....! You’ll just have to devise some very simple menus in the meantime.

That is what I have been doing


employee's rights are a good thing as are unions!

Yeah but it is tough when you have 100 elderly (Many with dimensia) People counting on you for their food

@DavidGreen1 David you are in Scotland, you have rights. Do not let them tell you otherwise. We STILL have working times directive, if they cannot get another chef then the manager will need to make food themselves.

@Amisja she is trying to get someone but I am a chef and its a chefs life

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