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I am mixed on what I think of this...Below is, what I found, a reasonable response to the meme I liked.

She may not intended it to be anti Semitic, but her comments were couched in the terms of ancient anti semitic slur... that of accusing Jews of having a greater loyalty to “worldwide Jewry”... not to be trusted.. I don’t like that crook Netanyahu, and don’t approve of a lot that Israel does, but accusing American Jews of having more loyalty to Israel harks of Nazi Germany and much earlier. I wish she had not used a stereotypic slur..

Rudy1962 9 Mar 11

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I find that to be a true comment. You only have to look at agnostic/ atheists here who still identify themselves as Jewish. Is not this "worldwide Jewry"?
Judaism is a funny one. Its a belief ideology that identifies itself also as a race. Jewish people who identify themselves as a people are fundamentally racist IMO. Recognising Jewish heritage is not the same as declaring " your" people as a race, a special and unique group which judges themselves pretty good, God's gift in fact.


I don't care for religions generally but Islam is special in that they (most of them) don't accept the US Constitution as being predominant over their religious laws. I think there should be a legally binding question or provision that foreigners should agree to/sign before being allowed into the USA. Could also be applied to persons seeking political office.

Islam, like Christianity has multiple sects. You should get your facts straight. Jehovah's witnesses won't take any country's allegiance. Any one who flies a flag of the Army of Northern Virginia is claiming a traitorous opinion. Get rid of them all?

That isn't true Bill. Oh and please don't forget there are 1000s of home grown Muslims in USA same as here. Sharia law has many interpretations too. It is virtually identical but not as strict as fundamentalist Jewish law. Most of it pertains to dietary and dress codes.

Thanks for your response & for the info!

@Beowulfsfriend, @Amisja
Thanks for responding


if it weren't for the loyalty of rich powerful american jews & the support of most jewish americans israel would never receive the billions/yr & support of the US govt which has allowed it to get away with infractions of the geneva war conventions in their treatment of the palestinians.


Israel is a theocracy. I am in no way in favor of hatred or cruelty but am of the mind that we should not kiss theocratic ass.


Our combined western guilt as to how the Jewish brothers and sisters were treated coupled with some mad ideas that evangelicals have about the second coming does not excuse how the Palestinians have been treated. Both my sons identify as ethinically Jewish (coz of their Dad) , I am not anti-semetic but Isreal treats the Palestinians poorly.

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