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good analogy

Lukian 8 Mar 14

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Being left handed I find this just the perfect metaphor. It is the way I think, it has always applied for religion, race, ethnicity and gender. Right handed people can sometimes be a real pain in the ass, I had a boyfriend who was constantly making denigrating comments about my handedness and he thought it was funny. The first time, yeah, after that NOT. I do not understand why it is so difficult to be inclusive for so many people in the world.


Well put! Good find!


This is a good metaphor! Some people are very limited because of their "handedness" or some other trait, perceived or real. Some people live with their limitations, so people overcome them. I am very grateful that I am ambidextrous (literally!), so for me, life has been a series of good opportunities no matter how presented.


Beautiful and thank you


There were no left handed desks when I was in school. Being ambidextrous, I always felt a little superior in that regard. Even though I write lefty, I throw righty, and can do several things with either hand. It is probably why playing drums came easier for me than others.

I wonder how your talent would be translated as gender, race, orientation or class? (joke)

@Lukian Luck! I have no class. 🙂




Never understood a left handed cigarette.

No way there is such a thing

@Amisja []

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