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This profile showed up on my home page feed this morning, not sure why.

If openly asking about someone's motive for being on this media platform, or questioning the validity of a profile, or pointing out the obvious, isn't allowed in here ( please ignore or delete this post.

Otherwise, ask yourself, why would a Christian "believer", who truly looks like the woman in this photo, claim they came on an atheist site to find someone to date? If, and that's a big if, this person is who she claims to be, which is extremely doubtful, what could possibly be her logic and reasoning (motivation) to inspire such an action?

Oh well, that's enough honesty, logic, and reasoning challenges for today.

So, for all the honest, real, atheist, free thinkers, and generally morally sound folks out there, have a wonderful day!

OldHippieAtHeart 6 Mar 15

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She can go back to Christian Mingle.


Its a scam. Add the profile to the scammers group.


She can't keep her hand off of you


Definitely a troll. No time setting up a profile, 2 illiterate posts fishing for suckers.


Fake profile most likely.


That is odd. I think it might be a troll. Some people actually do missionary dating because they think they can convert people through having a relationship with them. It's sick.

Yeah....good luck converting one of us

@Marcie1974 Exactly!!! Too late.


Blocked her



Weird I came to this site to get away from religious people!

Me too 🙂

Me three

@Donotbelieve Me with You Two

@Tiramisu There's three of us. Four, if you count my cat, which I do. ?

@Donotbelieve She is a non-believer too? She may be Hindu because she thinks she has 9 lives 🙂

@Tiramisu He.
Nah, he knows what's up. Hell, he doesn't even fall for the 'ol laser trick.

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