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I was doing research on humanist thinking and agnostics and up came this as a possible date site, in the hope of not being on another date site being pecked to death and hacked and scammed, whatever you do stay away from, that site has hacked 1000's of us and we have reported it but nothing gets done, so hope to reach a higher level than a one, so any hints on how to do that and have enjoyed reading all about it, thank goodness a site for heretics, so in the hope of not being burned at the stake for believing in science and as a retired middle school teacher I have been attacked by some churches for teaching the science curriculum, so I guess it is: WELCOME TO THE AGE OF AQUARIOUS AKA THE NEW DARK AGES, it appears that science is no longer popular despite having a Jesuit for Pope!!! Being a smarty pants is not always popular and anyway there are 50 shades of white and I am not in the top 10!!! It appears that I am encouraged to ask a question: can anybody help????

aahouck49 7 Mar 15

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I only come here for the fun......this being the most funnist, most godless, weirdest, rational place I know following the differing personalities...points be damned...full speed ahead. And....welcome.


Welcome to the club! First of all, we are a group of good will free-thinkers.I believe most of us are reliable people, but as a date site it will work as good as any other date site, more disappointments than hits. Then,I think Science is more popular than ever, but a recent tendency to turn conservative in every respect is shadowing this fact. We will all do our best to help you help yourself. Best luck!

thank you, good will free thinkers, at last, was not even looking for a date site, that was not my intention, since the date sites I have used, humans go where angels fear to tread, as a date site, kinda figured that one out, but this site has a lot to offer and it may keep me sane, just corresponding with other like minded people does help the I AM NOT ALONE THERE ARE OTHERS OUT HERE!!


Just participate. The points will take care of themselves. The admin and members here work hard and do a good job of keeping the scammers to a minimum. It’s a pretty healthy community. Welcome.

skado Level 8 Mar 15, 2019

thank you, keeping the scammers at bay, cause man have I been hacked and kinda scammed, they tried anyway, but honestly do they think I will send them money, one group from OurTime, came in through the back door of Match., match gave us Chemistry. and that allowed OURTIME to take off, they are relentless, they are from India, and we have been in a "battle", I keep telling them, hey BOLLYWOOD, stop it, what do you want, I am not going to send you any money, ad nauseum, but they have hacked 1000's of us, we have reported them to the FBI, SBI, FCC and Consumer Reports, guess what? they will not do anything to stop it, so I got on Chemistry. and in my profile and question sections I told anyone that looked at my profile, how they were hacked, to look for ancient email acct. such as aol and outlook, the font and darker print is used, so one has to ask them for country of origin,DOB, place of birth, occupations, proof of present address, and in the beginning it kinda looks like the person they hacked is writing, but then a slight change in tone, language used, very sappy, aka Bollywood, they love Disney and believe it and they seem to think that we are into King Arthur and the 'MY LADIES BEGIN", and then you have them, but they are persistent and hornery and pathetic! A healthy community! I am not alone there are others our here!!

I guess it's just a numbers game for them. If they find one gullible person in a thousand they have made money.


We are in the same boat. I learning too. Gotta post and converse.


Hey hello, lovely to meet you


"like" posts, post pics and links and so on to get points... go into the chat rooms, respond to posts... gather the points like crazy! I did! 😀

thank you, that was nice of you,sure hope it is sane, that would be a nice change, so just read and respond, got it and thank you again


Welcome to the sane dating site 🙂 This is also a community site and the conversations are lovely. Join some groups, post some stuff, enjoy the humans and read all day long!

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