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Those Loony Tunes, By the Numbers.

While it is usual practice to have one story per headline on the “Right Wing Watch” website, sometimes they will take a bunch of similar themes and lump them together under one banner. Here’s a selection of those “By the Numbers” that they have featured.

*The Ten Scariest Republicans Heading to Congress. – Posted 6 December 2010

*Five Religious Right Myths Exposed in Election Defeat. – Posted 7 November 2012

*Oops: Five Conservative IRS Conspiracy Theories Fall Apart. – Posted 25 June 2013

*The Year in Homophobia: Ten of the Worst Anti-LGBT Stories of 2013. – Posted 20 December 2013

*5 Tea Party Myths Debunked As Movement Marks 5 Years of Dysfunction. - Posted 27 February 2014

*7 Outrageous Rants from GOP House Candidate Jody Hice on Blood Moons, Sandy Hook, Women and ‘Judicial Terrorists’. – Posted 28 May 2014

*Beware The Gay Antichrist! The Seven Most Appalling Moments in Values Voter Summit History. – Posted 23 September 2014

*Stop Persecuting Us! Five Religious Right Tactics on Clear Display at the Values Voter Summit. – Posted 29 September 2014

*Get Ready, America: Five Extreme GOP Candidates Who Could Be Heading To Congress Next Year. – Posted 20 October 2014

*Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories about Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe. – Posted 29 October 2014

*The Five Most Outrageous and Ridiculous GOP Ads of 2014. – Posted 3 November 2014

*Five of the Craziest Conspiracy Theories That the Freshman Republican Class Will Bring To Congress. – Posted 5 November 2014

*Five of the Craziest Conservative Reactions to Obama’s Immigration Action: Impeachment, Race War & Rebellion. – Posted 21 November 2014

*Five Moments from 2014 That Definitely Were a Sign of the End Times. – Posted 22 December 2014

*The Year in Homophobia: Ten of the Worst Anti-LGBT Stories of 2014. – Posted 23 December 2014

*The Year in Paranoia: The Five Craziest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories of 2014. – Posted 31 December 2014

*War and Terrorists and Floods, Oh My! The Right’s Five Worst Predictions about Marriage Equality. – Posted 28 April 2015

*The Five Wildest Ben Carson Quotes: Prison Sex, Nazi America, Health Care Slavery and More. – Posted 4 May 2015

*Takeover! Jade Helm 15 and Eight Other Obama Plots That Keep the Right Up at Night. – Posted 14 May 2015

*Rick Santorum’s 5 Worst Smears: Attacking Gay Rights, Working Women & Church-State Separation. – Posted 27 May 2015

*‘Murder of the Masses’: 7 Insane Right-Wing Predictions about Gay Marriage. – Posted 24 June 2015

*Five Right-Wing Predictions about Marriage Equality That Still Haven’t Come True. – Posted 27 June 2015

*The Ten Plagues of Gay Marriage: Conservatives Warn of Terrorist Attacks, War and Prison Due to SCOTUS Ruling. – Posted 1 July 2015

*5 Times Pat Robertson Blamed Tragedies on Legal Abortion, Gays and Peace Deals. – Posted 25 August 2015

*Five of the GOP’s Craziest ‘Benghazi Cover-Up’ Conspiracy Theories. – Posted 22 October 2015

*Five Failed Right-Wing Prophecies and Predictions of 2015. – Posted 23 December 2015

*A Baker’s Dozen Idiocies from Rafael Cruz’s Elect-My-Son-President Book. – Posted 30 December 2015

*The 10 Craziest Right-Wing Attacks on Beyoncé. – Posted 28 April 2016

*58 Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories (And Counting!): The Definitive Trump Conspiracy Guide. – Posted 27 May 2016

*5 Times Donald Trump Smeared, Cheated and Mocked Veterans. – Posted 26 July 2016

*‘God’s Guy’: 25 Religious Right Justifications for Supporting Donald Trump. – Posted 17 August 2016

*A Dozen Reasons Why Mike Pence Is Just As Bad As Donald Trump. – Posted 9 October 2016

*10 Years of Pat Robertson: Our Very Favorite Robertson Moments of the Decade. – Posted 11 October 2016

*Blood Moons, Bird Deaths and ‘Tyson Homosexual’: Our 10 Favorite Right Wing Watch Posts of 10 Years. – Posted 11 October 2016

*101 Donald Trump Lies: The GOP Presidential Nominee’s Pathological Dishonesty. – Posted 7 November 2016

*John Bolton’s Bogus ‘False Flag’ Claim and 5 Other Conspiracy Theories. – Posted 12 December 2016

*10 Right-Wing Predictions about Obama That Never Came True. – Posted 18 January 2017

*16 Far-Right Candidates Working to Pull the GOP to the Fringe in 2018. – Posted 30 April 2018

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Hey John

@johnprytz But you are in Australia.

@johnprytz I am interested in global politics. As a Brit we have much to occupy our minds with this Brexit malarky and I hear you have your own troubles with right wing loons? I continue to have faith in the sensible pragmatism of the majority of Americans and as for the nuclear codes etc, I believe there is a fail safe which has been around since the Nixon era. As a US greencard holder and the mother of dual national US/British children, I will never return to USA. The elite have sold the populus a fairytale based on the god, 'American exceptionalism' and the opportunity to have a large piece of the pie. It angers and saddens me that Americans have been told that the rest of us are not free, that our lifestyle is less comfortable, that universal healthcare is less effective and that caring for those less advantaged is akin to sin. However, I am not American. There are lots of amazing things come from Australia and UK. My understanding of USA is based on a decade of living there (one small corner of AZ) and my understanding of humans. I would like to know more about the rest of the world. We have brave members who come on here from parts of the world were being open as regards their lack of faith would see them executed. To me, those are important stories to tell. I am though, interested in what you have to say, like to check you are ok and I enjoy your conversation. If you would rather I didn't...I'm gone. Jayne

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