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Unbelievable, really.

Aryn 7 Mar 17

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The problem is that mercenaries employed this shooter and THEY not local cops arrested this perpetrator who was paid high salaries to pay for his legal permit to have all these guns.....tighter laws in New Zealand IS INSANE and is a coverup of facts what the hell were these mercenaries from Australia doing in NZ in the first place ?


This equals to banning freedom !

zesty Level 7 Mar 17, 2019

@Aryn Self defense is not murder!

@Aryn My safety, my weapon, not the government gangsters business!

@Aryn Actually I suggested in the past to arm the population in the countries you mentioned so they could defend themselves from terrorists. Still think that it is an effective measure. Not AR-15 or rather M-16 , these are too maintenance intensive and ammo sensitive. Simple AK-s will do better.
Now, don't get personal and disrespectful with me! I'm polite and demand the same!

@Aryn See, perhaps you are right about personal attacks, I presume I was too sensitive. I absolutely agree with your statement: 0 guns = 0 gun deaths. How do you propose to achieve this scenario? The criminals and the government thugs will have guns no matter what. The point I was trying to make was that if the worst of the society is armed than it is better to arm the rest of the decent people, too.

@Aryn In my opinion it is an extremely dangerous venue. All the dictatorships disarmed the citizens first. It is a fact. Regarding concealed carry: do you think the criminals will abide the law? How about the politicians' bodyguards?

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