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This week I'll be presenting at a conference. Wanna know my secret to public speaking?


Pretend you're having fun until you start having fun. Audiences don't need polish as much as they want you to be your authentic self. They want to connect with you and know you see them.

ElusiveMoby 7 Mar 17

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I trained soldiers for 35 years. My philosophy has always been "once you can fake confidence the rest is easy" You, yes I think you are right on My Friend.

There has been, over the decades, those that advocated visualizing your audience named... but when I tried that the mike cord got tangled up on my erection, it poked into the podium and I lost my train of thought.

Other people's mileage with that technique may vary I suspect.


I suspect so!


What is the topic of your presentation?

gater Level 7 Mar 17, 2019

Hello Gater!

I spoke about involving business partners in community based student projects. It went well.

@ElusiveMoby hi Moby - somehow it doesn't feel right to call a lady Moby 🙂 Im glad it went well - sounds like a good idea.


Getting their moneys worth in time or your honoraria does deserve our best who darr to speak even if our voices queak


These great advice. I got over my fear of public speaking by volunteering to do presentations for new hires where I work. When I got more comfortable I took a course to do safety presentations as well. I am still uncomfortable, but even so I'm smiling and joking.

JimG Level 8 Mar 17, 2019

Laughter makes the process so much better.


Sounds like sound advice

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