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Mmmmm is it just me that believes this 😥

Lllewis 7 Mar 17

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Mental / emotional infidelity is still infidelity.

One can debate the practicality or validity of exclusive relationships but if that's what you've agreed to then that is the agreement you must honor. If you aren't getting your needs met through that agreement then at least have the integrity to say so and remove yourself.

But I don't think that's it for a lot of cheaters ... I think they want the security of a stable relationship AND the intrigue and fun of an illicit one. And that is dishonest.


I have always felt that "cheating" is a state of mind, an attitude. If a person is trying to hide their actions, that is probably fully engaged in the "cheating" territory...


The corollary is, If you want to read your partner's texts, the relationship lacks trust.

It is gradations. Deleting texts isn't the same betrayal as being physical, but it is in the same category. To me.


To me cheating is anything outside of what a couple has agreed on. Obviously that can vary widely.

its exactly that. some couples have open relashionships but that doesnt mean they can't cheat.


Sexting yes but texting no.....perhaps distant chatting is trial balloons b4 asking or answering with our local love....I never SEXT even faithfully to my only partner is only joined air shared water planted soil stars gazed only together not triangulated by cyber electrons

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