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Why is it on sci fi shows, when they go exploring whatever malfunctioning, haunted, or overrun thing, they never have remote drones? If you can do space travel, have lasers, you can have drones.

James00346 7 Mar 19

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Today's technology, battle ships don't even need visual contact to be in range. Any space battle soul be between ships kilometers away.
But good sci-fi will always give some excuse to avoid automatization.


It would ruin the plot it's like in scary movies when everyone has to separate instead of staying in the group where they might have a chance to survive


I always thought most battles on Star Trek could've been solved by using the transporter to place bombs or killer robots on the enemy's ship.


They always have vents people can escape down though 😉


failure of imagination of the original authors back when we had none of the above... which was really long ago in some cases.


Because the hero wouldn't have any one/thing to rescue. Recommend you watch The Expanse, that has drones.

Great show and books. I think it is fairly realistic.

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