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So I just stumbled on this site, and the premise seems very promising.

Johnin13413 3 Mar 19

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The people here are much as with any population: a few of us are wonderful and interesting. We have a few grumps, a few flirts, a few fanatics, but overall we are indeed a community in which the overall "flavor" is not welcoming any god or gods into our lives. Welcome!!


Hello John...stumble in. We are a friendly lot. I am of course the best but then I am a Brit who should be soundly asleep but I'm getting up n going to work as soon as the security man lets me in. No academic staff before 7 he says! I'll get porridge and fruit and a HUGE (Free go large before 9am) coffee then veg in my office until my skype at 10am. Then I have clinical skills at 12 then a module meeting at 1pm. Then...if I last that long, I have emails and prep for Thursday. Too knackered for words. I need to shut my brain off. are you?

Thanks for taking time respond, and I'm actually a little bit brit myself. Got dual citizenship prove it lol was born right outside of wimbleton Believe it or not

@Johnin13413 Oh thats down South 😉

@Amisja lol, I'll take your word for it either way, it's way east of where I am now in New York 🙂

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