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‪?69 visits to his properties ‬

‪?165 days playing golf‬

‪?23% of Trump's presidency spent on a golf course ‬


‪?Security budget: $6.4 Mil/yr‬

‪MAGAts: But he doesn't take a salary!‬

Charliesey 7 Mar 23

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This from the guy who complained about Obama golfing and vacations.

At week 80 into his presidency, if Obama had golf as much he would have spent approximately $17.25 million. Obama played primarlily at military golf courses making it much lest costly to the tax payer.

Amazing fact: Compare this to the sum that Trump had spent - $74 million by week 80, and you see that Trump spend 4 times as much as Obama did at this point in his presidency!

Amazing fact 2: Trump played golf 132 times by week 80. Obama play golf 44 times. Trump played golf 3 times as much as Obama

Amazing fact 3: Obama average cost of each trip to the golf course is $392,000 . This is $168,000 less than Trump’s average cost of trip to the golf course $560,000.

Amazing fact 4: It is cheaper for secret services to secure a public golf club then an exclusive private one. This is because the rates of renting buggy, booking the greens, accommodations and food, are cheaper in a public club than a private one. However, for the propose of this calculation, I have assumed that they cost the same, since the difference is only a bit cheaper (10% cheaper at most)

Amazing fact 5: Since Trump only golfs at his golf clubs, what happens is that some of the 73 million that it cost taxpayers when Trump golfs goes into Trump’s own pockets. i.e. Trump lines his own pockets with taxpayers money each time he golfs at his own golf clubs. No wonder he only golf at his own golf clubs. Trump never plays golf at any other clubs other than his own golf clubs. All 132 visits are to his own golf clubs!

Amazing fact 6: Trump had increased the membership to his golf club to $300,000 from $100,000. This had increased his profits by a large amount.


He spent more on vacations in 2 years than President Obama did in 8 years. Big pig!!!


The cost to the taxpayers seems to be about eighty times higher than his salary over two years!

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