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Defeating the Islamic State means nothing as if we can’t defeat the ideology then similar or even more united and dedicated evil forces will keep surfacing. We also need to be honest and bravely truthful about those who benefit from their creation.

mufassil 5 Mar 24

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The only ideology that needs to defeated is that of USA exceptionalism with its incessant destructive meddling in the name of "democracy", or petroleum. Since 1945, every major world conflict has either been started or exacerbated by the USA. ISIS is/was a product of despair. People tire of having their homes burned and their children massacred, of having the land where they and their forebears have lived for millennia expropriated and given to foreigners, of having roving bands of bandits tearing down whatever pathetic society the locals manage to erect. Whenever a bit of stability appears to be germinating, you can can bet your ass that the USA will be there handing out M16s the way GIs used to hand out chewing gum in better times. Those "...dedicated evil forces..." will just keep coming, and will bring the conflict ever closer, until the USA learns to stay home and mind its own fucking business.


I agree. The ideology will not be killed. The ideology that created the IRA still exists. In fact creating martyrs makes it worse


Ok. I'll play along. ? Let's be honest!

  • The USA birthed, swaddled, raised, and continues to support/foster any and all facets of organizations known as (or formerly known as):
    Islamic State
    and all the other "organizations" that came before them, but were procreated, birthed, swaddled, & raised by the U.S. to keep the Industrial Military Complex bangin' & to keep the American people fearful, in line with warmongering & global bullying. ???

And I'll spare everyone my mini-rant about September 11, 2001 because that much honesty isn't good for anyone on a Sunday afternoon, during Lent, the day after Atheists Day. (It's Lent, I think ...?) ?

Carry on...?


This is what happens when people take religion too seriously!

zesty Level 7 Mar 24, 2019
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