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When you bankroll the side murdering and maiming peaceful protesters, we must call it out. When you are on the side that also has proponents speaking openly of genocide against the Palestinians with no rebuke from you, we must call it out. When ZOG tools shit all over the Constitution and the 1st Amendment in support of apartheid Chosanistan, we must call it out. When Boss Zuck acts as a gatekeeper for your treacherous BS, we must call it out. When you openly support a PAC that should by any definition register as a foreign lobby, we must call it out. When you ignore the Symington Amendment barring aid to Chosanistan because of their undeclared nukes, we must call it out. When you stand with an organization so perverting and corrupting our own government through their bribing and bullying, we must call it out. When you smear truth-tellers for daring to shine a light on any of the above, we must call it out.

Get bent, Chuck.

WilliamCharles 8 Mar 26

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If not the Israeli jobs, these Palestinian loosers would die from hunger. Why don't they work instead of protesting all the time? I know, it is a terrible thing to suggest. WORK, DO SOMETHING USEFUL, don't complain constantly!

zesty Level 7 Mar 26, 2019

Oh, you mean like the olive farmers whose olive trees are regularly burnt or cut down by the land theiving militias the MSM refers to as "settlers?" Or maybe the fishermen who are not allowed to fish their own waters and are routinely machine gunned by IOF attack vessels? Or maybe you mean the merchants and tradespeople who cannot import basic consumer goods because the Chosenites label them as potentially dangerous? Possibly you mean the thousands of people daily who spend countless hours at checkpoints both to and from work while trying to navigate their own land? Or how about Palestinians commuters and commercial drivers unable to drive on Israeli only roads (the Chosenites object to them being called "Jews only" roads, though the distinction seems a stretch at best) and special car plates to single them out. Quite an ironic precedent there, eh Crusty? And what about Palestinian university students who are denied travel visas or face interminable delays if they are issued, as they work towards a degree in order to DO SOMETHING USEFUL as you so brilliantly shouted?

Maybe the ones who need to do something useful are the brutal fascist f*cks with their boot heels on the necks of the people whose country they stole... bullies bankrolled by their equally abusive Uncle Sugar... maybe if they stopped doing that, Palestinians could go back to being the peaceful, productive, and industrious citizens they were before the invaders arrived and took over by killing so many of them.

Ya think?

@WilliamCharles Think. The Arabs attacked Israel, starting a number of wars. Roughly 4 million Israelis won all these wars against 400 million Arabs. The American weaponry is better than the Russian, but not 100 times. Explain this!

@zesty they've committed war crimes. One such war crime is acquiring territory by conquest. This was established by the Nuremburg courts. You know... that thing set up to try to keep those crimes that happened to Jews from happening to others. They have committed genocide as per the UN definition. As to your other blather, too many misrepresentations to bother with. And btw, Israel knowingly murdered US naval personnel in their June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, committing war crimes in the process as well, but I doubt you know much about that (or care) either.

@zesty and address the points I made if you don't mind. You smear Palestinians as lazy and shiftless because they dare to peacefully protest for their rights, yet you ignore every single example of Zionist thugs preventing them from making a living.

Why is that, if you feel you have the facts on your side? Instead, you change the subject. It's to the point that you're clearly not worth engaging, but that some things are worth addressing for the benefit of others who might be reading.


is NOT self-defense

It's a war crime.

~ LanceThruster


I woke up this morning to author Arthur Brooks on C-SPAN speaking about loving your enemies at the AIPAC conference.

I just posted this on his Facebook page.


Just watched your AIPAC speech. I do not see how there is any love in supporting an apartheid state murdering the innocent on a regular basis. The love I see is from those working for justice for all the people of Palestine.

What I see from AIPAC is the constant smearing of those involved in this endeavor. What I see from the AIPAC side is the type of people who mock the horrific death of murdered peace activist Rachel Corrie by holding an annual pancake breakfast. The side that elevates the Hebron mosque shooter to the status of national hero. The side that hypocritically points the finger at Iran for their legal nuclear program as signers of the NNPT as they lie about their own undeclared nukes.

I see your side as continuing to turn truth on its head. I see your side on the wrong side of history every bit as much as the former apartheid regime of South Africa. I see with much pain how much AIPAC perverts and corrupts our own government with their disdain for truth-tellers.

Your message reminds me of Elie Wiesel's message of a commitment to justice for the downtrodden, that incredibly never made it to encompassing the beleaguered people of Palestine, who have suffered under the boot heel of the Zionist invaders for decades.

That, I feel, will be coming to an end soon. Because of true love. Not the lip service couched in words of love you spoke in the support of those who would continue to brutalize the people of Palestine. That is the difference.

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