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Every so often, this particular topic comes up.
Recently, I was accused of "hiding" because I don't have a picture of myself posted. The person making that accusation was making a whole lot of false assumptions based on nothing more than an avatar.

I'm not here for dating, and I have never liked having my picture taken.
I do not feel it's necessary to post one's picture on the internet, or anywhere else, if one doesn't wish to.
If I were on this site for dating, that would be a completely different story, but since I never have been,
I don't believe I "have" to put up my picture.

I don't think any of us are obligated to share our pictures.


KKGator 9 Mar 27

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exactly right. I do find it annoying that apparently men don't post their age these days...? Though they are dating.... Peter Pans?

Yeah, I don't know. I don't date.

If I were interested in dating, I'd feel obligated to disclose all pertinent information, just as common courtesy.

I'm glad I'm done with that nonsense.


A little late on the conversation here. I particularly like to see faces of who I interact with, just like in real life. Even if a dog face I guess. I don't care if there is a profile pic necessarily. I wouldn't judge that person. But again, I like to see a face specially if we become friends.

Actually, we are not far from each other. Haha
(I'm not gonna get into a profile with a pic of someone else's and claiming that is their own.)
That's my two cents. ?

You are entitled to feel how you wish.
I do not feel that anyone online is entitled to know what I look like.
I don't care what anyone else looks like.

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