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I believe I'm not the only one to love that old time country music with the likes od Earnest Tubb, Webb Pierce,Hank Snow, Hank Thompson,Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Bob Wills, Spade Cooley, Joe Maphis,Texas Ruby,Eddie Dean,Merle Travis, and many more. To me the Country Music of today falls short of the tunes of yesteryear. That doesn"t mean I don't like Rock-n-Roll I do, alomg with bluegrass, Jazz and classical. Do you believe that period of music(country) is gone and should be forgotten? Or does it have a place in today even if we only hear it on You Tube or an occasional Oldy's show on the Radio?

CharlesMorris 5 Mar 27

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One of the stories i read about Willie Nelson and Ray Price was Ray had Willie take care of his Prize Rooster while he and his wife was leaving on a trip and would be gone for awhile. No problems at first then the Rooster killed one Willie's wife chickens, and this happen several times finally Willie called Ray several times but Ray was to busy to come by to get it. The last straw was after another chicken was killed Willie's wife gave Him a ultimate Either that Rooster goes or You go. Willie got his shotgun and later told Ray what happen and He was pissed and didn't speak to Willie for long time, Shows how Willie and Ray are no different then you or I. Read Willie's Bio. love both, and Ray's "Heartaches by the number" one of my favorites, but i have many.


I sing Loretta & Ray Price at karaoke frequently, also going to a Blue-grass Band Showcase (no cover!) tonite!


The cultural world in which it originated is practically extinct. But I agree. The 'old timey' country music was far more authentic than the stuff coming out of Nashville today.


I like some of the stuff before Hank Williams. in particular my grandad's favorite Jimmie Rodgers.

Jimmie Rodgers "in the Jailhouse now" has got to be one of country music's greatest songs. Hank took music to different level in short life hank wrote many great songs I love his music.


Welcome Lori

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