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What are we so proud about this 21st century lifestyle ? Money is evil, yet you need money to defeat evil. We are all caught into this vortex of lies. Our leaders are liars. The Britain of today is humane to her citizens but is it humane to the poor world? The Western countries give charities but with a catch attached. Controlling the future of the poor world with IMF, World Bank, Security Council does not seem to be humane or moral to me. Most of the intelligent minds of today are wasted in vying for ways to make our lives a bit more lazier in the name of comfort. We don't find pleasure in walking to watch nature. We often walk to shed those extra pounds from our tummies as we are otherwise wasting away in "couch living" ! The richer we become the softer the chair becomes for us. We talk about terrorists being enticed by virgins but is it true? Have you asked yourself whether they had got frustrated by seeing adultery, poverty, extreme luxury, unfaithfulness and fake living? May be they saw their parents cheating one another behind their backs, may be they saw their loved ones running away holding the hands of someone rich and evil. May be they wanted to break the society's evil circle of power, money and greed. May be they got fed up with this monotonous living. May be they needed break by being somewhere where they could do right things together. May be they did not need individual meditations. May be instead of having fags together they needed to listen to the Imam together. May be that Imam was charismatic and had understood his problems but his ways to correct the problem was wrong. May be they saw the Muslims fleeing to Medina from Mecca as their ownselves. May be they saw Meccans during Muhammad's time being tired of living in a tourist city. Have you asked yourself what should have been the way when democracy is at the hands of corrupt leaders and foolish commoners ? Islam is often compared to Arabic fascist political movement which is true from the outside but it also gives the impetus of a counter political, social and economic power in response to western democracy which does not work in poor nations which came out from over two hundred years of European imperialist rule. They do not see the west to be moral where the medicines marketed today were invented decades ago but with the excuse of "human testing time" they were not available at the local pharmacies to allow the existing medicines to be sold first. It's like the latest iPhone which had its new version invented ages ago but needed to wait to ask for the competitor brands to show their latest brand first. We seek information from the internet but the internet fills your brain with too much information making your a candidate to win the next quiz show but you do not grow love and passion for the information to decipher it carefully. The world is not making any new Socrates. Books bound with love in pages do not entice you any more.You are destroying your creative philosophical thinking mind. May be those extremists grew tired of easily available and phasing out information on the purple screen. May be they love to read and listen to the pages bound with love centuries ago which are being conveyed by people who like to live in the past. May be they see their leaders as people frozen in time. How do you combine charisma with popular demand for peace and justice when all the leaders are corrupt? Living in an insignificant planet and being an insignificant creature you have the audacity to deny your power's insignificance. You claim you have the franchise to humanity because you are rational and modern. Have you been able to bring peace with various international treaties, selfish power lobbies and regional unities ? Is its not true that science has made more bullets than medicine tablets?May be those lost boys were looking for a justification and they found that in divine claims. May be Allah to them were unquestionable barometer of justice who do not have anyone disagreeing with within the brotherhood. Allah speaks the same when he is addressing the mass but talks in private to all of them with words of justifications for united actions the way the individuals would understand in their individual and personal interpretations.We see evil in nature anyway when we see tigers killing cubs of other animals. May be we are like an ant trapped next to a car's hot engine but we can't see the car running to a beautiful seaside.Why we have to have a meaning of life to our senses or why we even have to have a life without suffering in our judgment when we are helplessly insignificant ? Shouldn't our sufferings mean insignificant to greater creation as well? Are we able to judge what is evil and what is not when we failed to bring negotiated peace with our rational minds even on this tiny planet ? Why should rational minds not be limited so that we do not end up taking science as the new religion? When was the last time a Muslim nation bomb a non-Muslim nation? Why was the Iranian revolution of 1953 orchestrated by the secret services of the US and UK? Why did the British intelligent along with the Americans empower the Saudi Wahabists to topple the Ottoman Caliphate when the Sauds were far more fanatic, barbaric and inhuman than them ? How were the Saudis any different in early 20th century than today's Islamic State? Why do we hear the leader of the free world say "America first" when the hero journalist got slaughtered inside the Saudi consulate ? Could we expect the Americans to recognise the Islamic State as a political nation if the Russians did not enter Syria? Hasn't democracy become a religion as well? We need to answer many of the above questions before we can resolve the crisis the present world is faced with. Defeating Islamic State will mean nothing unless we can find ways to defeat evil ideologies.

mufassil 5 Mar 29

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Waaaayyy too many assumptions and no paragraphs..........


Why did Martin and Lewis break up? Why do Rice Krispies go snap, crackle, and pop? Why was there more than one Rambo movie? These are the questions we need to answer if we are to move forward as a civilization.


"Science made more bullets then medicine tablets". No! Thanks for science an average citizen in a developed country lives in safety and comfort unimaginable even for a king a few hundred years ago.
As far as the terrorist vermin, with all respect to their feelings, they (and all their relatives) must be simple annihilated.

zesty Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

@maturin1919 See what happened with the sons of terrorist leaders we spared?

@maturin1919 Consider the problem with the mini Osama! Now we have to endanger American soldier's life, spend our money and effort to neutralize the tiny terrorist cochroach. To accomplish a late abortion! Lol

@maturin1919 Try to follow my comments. We don't want to kill children, however we wish to survive. Would you like to have your throat cut by an ISIS representative?

@maturin1919 Respectfully disagree. It is just collateral damage, not the goal.

@maturin1919 I'm blocking you, you are primitive.


Money is no more or less evil than a rock. For there to be evil there must be intent. Inanimate objects cannot form intent as they have no consciousness or will.

Some humans may do evil acts in the pursuit of money, that does not make them or the money evil. The acts are evil, but not the money, nor is the individual necessarily evil.

Also, please learn to break up your writings into paragraphs, it makes it much easier to read and follow.


Paragraphs are your friend. I kind of wanted to read this, but I'll just settle for some points.


Instead of criticizing Mufassil Islam why not listen to his views about what we all here have in common?


Evidently there are no community colleges like we have here in the U.S.A. Here in the U.S., most of us can put our thoughts and opinions in paragraphs so that what we write is readable. I am not going to struggle through that mess.

There are thousands of community colleges in the uk

@mufassil You kind of missed the point, didn't you.


There are times when I just have to turn the page and move on...... can't help....


Will the day come when you see Arabic people as Arabic?

Will you always see them as a religion?

Are they Muslim or Arabic you?

Will the day come when the Arabic people again lead this world in science? Is this something you consider?

Many Muslims no longer believe Mohamed flew the Moon and drank wine. Mohamed lied. What else did he lie about?


One word.



Wow there is a lot here... All I can ascertain is that our philosophies do not agree on some fundamental level, and that makes it really hard for me to understand what is being said here. I don't disagree with any of it, not the directly verifiable parts anyways.

I do disagree with philosophical parts. I reject the notion of good and evil, believing these things to be an abstraction of pain and pleasure, not an absolute truth. You say things like "is it not true that science has made more bullets than medicine tablets?" I agree, but I do not worry if it is right or wrong and rather ask: Now what can I do with this information? (Read my bio to see how I feel about that)

The monsters, or "Evil" as many would know it can not be killed, but the can be tamed. Often to great effect of those who understand this best.


I tried to read this, but could not get past the comment "Money is evil", and I lost interest in continuing. Maybe later. Money is inanimate, it cannot BE evil. Sometimes people are evil because of money. Sometimes people with a lot of money are evil. Sometimes people without money are evil as they try to acquire money. Sometimes money is used for evil purposes. But, again, money is not evil. I get so tired of that attitude.
*okay, off my soapbox, 'nuff said.


Quite the manifesto… I may have tried, cept my eyes nearly died..

Varn Level 8 Mar 29, 2019
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