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I work for a nonprofit organization created by Catholic lay people. I was very skeptical at first. I thought I'd feel too uncomfortable to work there long-term. But, it turns out, they're really decent people who welcome all and force no one to conform.
I was just curious if anyone else here has had a similar experience. I have dealt with proselytizers, and I find the interactions uncomfortable and invasive. It is nice to know not all religious people are that way.

Instincts65 4 Mar 31

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There must be some decent, no doubt. As I see it, this should work both ways. None trying to talk the other one into whatever....... I would put it like this.... "Live and let believe or not to believe"


I have worked with religious groups too in the voluntary sector and found some of them to be very nice and kind people, despite their beliefs. There are some fairly nasty atheists on this site among the generally nice people. I think there are good and bad people in all groups.



I worked in a WV faith based community mental health center as a crisis unit case manger for over 5 years. I never gave my opinions unless asked. The funny thing about it was, the younger people I worked with were curious about my agnostic beliefs and asked a lot of questions, but then they would back off after they got their answers. There was a whole approach/avoidance thing going on. I was treated as an oddity but they were still somewhat nice to me. I actually had one of the women I worked with ask me if she could interview me for a paper she was writing (she was planning on becoming a nun) about ethics and wondered how I got my morals since I wasn't a Xtian. I happily accepted, but she never did follow through with it. I finally ended up pissing most of them off when I start openly criticizing Xtian politicians. It was right after Obama's first election and most of them were racist idiots. Christians are hellbent on taking control of this country and are actively organized to get their people into office, so they take great offense when you speak badly of their pawns.

Now that's some truth. They are hell bent on taking control and they are actively organized. Scary.


Catholics are the second worst, after the muslims. They are the masters of double talk and hidden agendas, having thousand of years of experience.

zesty Level 7 Mar 31, 2019

I haven’t come across proselytising in Australia or UK. I suspect it is Evangelical America where the real rabid religious stuff occurs. i’ve had many Catholic acquaintances in life. Lapsed Members quite damaged on occasion but the practicing members very amiable.


I work for an organization that isn’t religious per se but seals with end of life comfort. So there is a lot of religion around me. I also was concerned about how I’d feel being in a setting like that.

But I look at a dying persons religion as their comfort, it isn’t my thing...but if it gives them comfort to follow some god then let them have it.

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