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Hi everyone!

Well, this online dating stuff really works! I've met some great men, and I think I've found THE ONE: the man of my dreams.. He says he lives up a river on a farm, on an island, in a big house, and he’s mentioned tall, razor-wire fences a few times, so he must love his privacy. It’s a bit over 400 acres, but he says he only occupies a small part of it to avoid all the others (he must have a lot of staff). It sounds like his company went out of business, because he is retired from his former profession, and has a lot of leisure time. He must also be a bit bored in retirement after working long hours, as he’d mentioned learning about new trades and new possibilities.

It sounds like he loves baseball, too, maybe as a pitcher, because he’s mentioned the pen (or maybe the bullpen?) a few times (makes me think of the movie “Bull Durham”!). Hmm, he does look a bit like that character, too! He works out, does weight-lifting and a lot of walking around the yard. I think he gardens, too, not positive on that. He must give his chef and butler time off, because he mentioned sometimes taking turns cooking and cleaning up after a meal. How thoughtful!

He must have some ties to his former job, or maybe that’s where his retirement checks are deposited, because he says that he feels a bit chained to his location. I’ve only seen a few photos, but he is ruggedly handsome, and he really likes Halloween, as he wears a lot of orange! Not sure when we’ll have a honeymoon, he has some legal details to work out before he can get away. Anyway, I am filled with excitement, and I’m selling the house and moving to New York to join him. Wish me luck!!

Rustee 7 Apr 1

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Mazel tov.......not!


That's why they call it PENitentiary because they do penNNANCE for their careers... no need to spoof me on April 1st I really am a free Atheist Feminist lover needing marriage....I am driving USA to find her 843 926 1750 rings in my 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche and my 2 Service Cats can be heard answering MEOW

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