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Memphis signs contract with Catholics for charter schools as long as the schools don't teach anything that contradicts Catholic doctrine.


What the hell are they thinking?

Elganned 8 Apr 3

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This is very disturbing.


Dumb southern red necks


Odd. The Catholic church led one of the biggest cases to the SC in the 60's that defined schools and separation of church and state. One state worried about not having enough schools wanted to pay the teachers. The church feared government control.


Why do the Catholic pedofil gangs have so much unused property?

zesty Level 7 Apr 3, 2019

Here is Catholic doctrine. Burning Harry Potter books.

@Elganned Yes.


I have never regretted moving from the Memphis area almost 10 years ago. As an atheist, I was hard pressed to have any women even speak to me, much less date me. This is in spite of my rapier wit and stunning good looks. Religious hatred is that strong ?

I've been Memphis free for four months and I couldn't be happier!!

@bohica1369 How's Atlanta traffic? ?

@GuyKeith Horrible, but luckily I live and work on the west side. Going into the city will waste a whole night, but I at least don't have to worry about being shot at or sitting for an hour because the cops stopped traffic for one of the 3 million churches!!!


It is the South. Unless you have lived in the South or spent significant time there, you cannot understand how many people in the South are ignorant or stupid. The ignorant can learn. I have seen it. The stupid are just that, and they will never change.

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