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Does God have to be moral according to our standards and expectations when we are the worst violators of the natural order ? Why can't God be evil when we see so much evil in nature?

mufassil 5 Apr 4

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I see no evil in nature. I see predator and prey, parasite and host, creation and destruction. Just is and I don't judge.

Exactly. Although some creatures act out greedily and wasteful in their actions, like mink, they are not evil.

I gave seen a herd of commode dragons pecking on a buffalo with their small bites when he was stuck in a muddy water. Eventually the buffalo gave up fighting and gave into to the commode dragons' feast. Wasn't that evil to attack the vulnerable and eventually to give him an agonising slow death?

@mufassil you are saying life is evil?


Does contemplating questions about god make you agnostic? Seems to me there is still some adherence to doctrine there.
Sure as shit means you're not atheist.
Try pondering "what if I had never been taught the concept of god? What would I believe?"

As I said in post before. I do not necessarily believe in the issues I raise to be true/false. I have my own arguments but would usually like to read people's opinions as well.


Define GOD on this website.

there is nothing more amoral than a so called god and those who follow its religions PRETENDING IN love. And by the way, nature dosent give a shit about humankind,


Um ... because the concept of God is a fabrication made Up by human beings and was created to make them feel better


God of the Bible is evil. Anyone that's read the Old Testament that states differently, didn't read it. (God murdered over 3.2 million people. Satan? 10.)


The Abrahamic god of the Bible, Torah, and Quran is, if the descriptions of him are any accurate (and remember, those boss were written by his worshippers!), most certainly and demonstrably evil. Unfortunately, those religions have a scapegoat clause. If you believe, so are Satan is responsible for the evil, and if you are awake enough to see the evil but not enough to stop believing, then god is responsible. However, the truth is it's we people who are to blame for the evil in the world. Pure and simple. We are both the good and the evil in the world.


You seemingly concentrate too much on religious BS. Forget it, get a life!

zesty Level 7 Apr 5, 2019

Have a couple of drinks, get a sexy woman, enjoy life! Religion is not part of intelligent, educated people.

zesty Level 7 Apr 5, 2019
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