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Bangladesh is now one of the first five fastest growing economies of the world. In twenty years our % of female literacy has almost doubled and we are almost equal with India but India hasn’t progressed much and Pakistan is appallingly lagging behind us. It also proves the literacy rate amongst Bangladeshi youth is much higher than India and Pakistan. Congratulations Bangladesh. We have our independence 25 years after Pakistan or India. Give us another 25 years and you will surely see Bangladesh will surely become the most developed country in South Asia.

mufassil 5 Apr 5

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Well I worked in Bangaldesh for a bit and our female colleagues had to be escorted in rural areas because men would stop and masturbate at them - pretty regularly. And the system I reviewed for measuring female participation in primary and secondary education was screwed by parents paying schools to report their daughters were attending when they weren’t.

But good that they are indeed heading in the right direction


If you become a secular country, maybe.

zesty Level 7 Apr 5, 2019
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