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Has anyone here delt with the Westboro Baptist church people recently? They will be swinging through town early next week and my first response would be to ignore them like I would anyother religious event. They aren't protesting anything specific that I am aware of just being their general obnoxious selves.

Donna_I 8 Apr 6

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I'm a BAD influence, so I suggest you simply avoid them. That's the one "group" I simply can not resist counter-terroriz....... er, I mean counter-protesting. Those people are the batshit of batshit crazies.


Phelps and his cult ALWAYS do insane horrible things carrying their violent alleged homophobic gawd write as though Phelps promises to make nice ? They could protest military funerals or tie up traffic in front of your local news media .. he is an evil fake lawyer protected by the evil gangsters sitting on the US Sup Ct

i don't think they will "play nice" but they aren't protesting any specific event.


If you ignore them long enough, I think they'll go away.

Not if they think they have a godly purpose. Asswipes all.

@Beowulfsfriend I'm counting on their short attention span. They'll find someone else to pester.


I don't know what else you could do.

gearl Level 7 Apr 6, 2019

I say keep ignoring them. Engaging them is like feeding trolls.

that was my inital impulse but playing motorhead "Don't need religion" and "I don't believe a word" on a continuous loop has a certain appeal. 🙂

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