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Who on here is looking to be in a balanced triad type relationship? Two women one man but still open and flexible?

KimAndBri 4 Apr 6

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I wouldn't care as long as they didn't expect us to live together


It is difficult enough to find and have a relationship with one person. I might be stupid, but I'm not crazy!

you're just contemplating having two wives on the period at the same time. hahahaha

@MsDemeanour The women interested in someone my age haven't had periods in quite awhile I would imagine. I am more concerned with trying to read the minds of two women on a day to day basis, since this is something women expect us to do. 🙂

@Sticks48 Do they? Well since you generalise........Women are usually more articulate than men. I would've thought we women express ourselves rather well. Men on the other hand are much more repressive.

@MsDemeanour No, That is not always true. Using a lot of words doesn't mean someone is actually saying anything. I have never known a man with whom I have had a conversation about this subject who haven't wondered why women think we are supposed to know what they are thinking. There are generalisations which work for both genders. You used one yourself. 🙂

@Sticks48 of course I used a generalisation. I was being ironic. sigh.......Americans!

@Sticks48 I don't actually think men are more repressive than women. I think SOME men are and SOME women are. Sexuality, personality, gender roles....all much more fluid today. Be whoever you like

@MsDemeanour Irony, sarcasm, and facetiousness don't always read well in this format. It has nothing to do with being a Yank. 🙂

@MsDemeanour I know everyone likes to think of themselves as individuals, but most people are sheep.

@Sticks48 oh I'm not suggesting that we're all special. I don't think that at all. We are all just one of 7 billion people. I'm just not keen on generalising groups based on sex or ethnic background.......except americans.

@MsDemeanour No generalization becomes a generalization without some truth to back it up. There are definitely traits unique to each gender. That is plain old science.

@Sticks48 And women expect men to read their mind? hmmm It is probably just as well they CAN'T read my mind some of the time. But you're probably right. I'm not keen on hunting but I don't mind gathering strawberries. 😀

@MsDemeanour Maybe they don't down under, but they do here on top. It is a good thing no one can read minds. No one would ever get laid much less get involved with each other.🙂

@Sticks48 I'll send you a crystal ball 😉

@Sticks48 I wish you luck Sticks. I think we are both too old for second guessing in relationships. People should say what they mean and mean what they say. Now I'm off to see a local band and have a few drinkies for my leisurely sunday afternoon. Good luck in your search for your ideal.

@MsDemeanour I prefer the mystery. 😉

@MsDemeanour Their is no ideal for me. There is chemistry or there ain't. Have fun.

@Sticks48 ahuh! so what I thought was a criticism of actually like it! lol I'll never understand men........and all this time I thought they were so NOT complex!


Why are there children in your picture when you are on a dating site, where you are basically cruising for three way sex? I take it you don't think that's tacky at all?

Maybe you don't understand the question that was asked. I asked about a relationship not just screwing around. The site rules also state not to be degrading or insulting to other members. Tacky seems to be an insult when I was pretty clear about the intentions of the question.

This is a discussion forum more than a dating site and people's sexual lives are not their whole lives.

They are sure making it sound like it is ....
@brentan Thanks! I did not ask you. 😀

@CaroleKay Tough! It's a discussion forum.

And this is a dating site.

It sure is tiring the number of idiots on this forum/dating site

@CaroleKay So you think a relationship is only sex wow that is really just saddening.

@KimAndBri Where did I say that?


In my 20's, I had two lovers at once. Was open about it with them.

It was crazy-making for all involved. Both men were jealous and wanted more of my time.

Since that experience, I have focused on one man at a time.


I'm not poly, but you might find more interest in the groups that pertain to your interests.





The third one is the only one that is applicable the other two are just for sex. It is pretty easy to find someone to just have sex with but very hard to find someone to care about and want to spend a lot of time with and enjoy their company in a full relationship. We are looking for a loving relationship between us two and a third person that is a woman.

@KimAndBri I'm familiar. I have a number of poly friends. The first link may appear to be all about sex, but it's the highest populated group on this site, and it's also the most diverse. If you're looking to find, not just looking, that's where you'll find the majority of alternative lifestylers.

@SeaGreenEyez Oh okay thank you I will the group then and post my question on there. Thanks. 🙂

@KimAndBri You're welcome. ?


why not two men and one woman?

Because I am bisexual and my husband is heterosexual with no interest in another man. We both have interest in another loving relationship with a woman though and one between the three of us. Equality and open communication are key though.

@KimAndBri where's the equality ?

@KimAndBri So, your OP should have specifically asked "any women interested". Because probably 90 percent of the people clicking this post are men. 😀

@magicwatch What do you mean where is the equality? house hold decisions money decisions outing choices raising decisions sex options Three adults in a relationship making equal contribution and spending time with each other while also being able to rely on each other so we can each do our own stuff to. I'm not sure how that isn't equal?


LOL. I think the old way is what we call balanced.

Balanced triad might mean the third person is on top of the scales.

But that doesn't mean my lust does not extend to threesomes.

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