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Even family can be toxic as fuck. and my daughter's father (and his 4th wife), are just such people.

Twisted185 6 Apr 6

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Do you have an example, or should I not ask

It's mainly with her father's wife. She's got A HUGE issue with my daughter's present boyfriend... and instead of sticking up for his daughter, against his wife's failure at reasoning, he throws my daughter under the bus.
Like all parents, we only want what's best for them, and there's nothing worse than watching then go through something that we can't help them with or help them through.
Today, I had to watch that bottle blond bimbo criticize my daughter's choices in men, bash this young man, without knowing ANYTHING about him. I had to stand back, because had I gotten involved, it could've pushed my daughter into more stress than she was able to handle.
I call him "my son"; he grew up in foster care and was tossed out at 18, as he was no longer a ward of the state... homeless at 18. This bitch thinks she knows ALL about that system; she spent very little time in foster care, and was adopted by age a wealthy family, no less. She's now 52; a bitter, know it all, bottle blonde cunt.
My son was NEVER adopted; this bitch thinks she knows him? She'll NEVER have to experience what he did, and he's so much better than she'll ever be.
It caused my daughter a lot of stress and it's sad that she's just found out where she stands in her father's life. ????


That's why they're called out-laws.


A short rant, thank goodness.

But I sympathise. My own family was a disaster.

I can't keep her from speaking with her father, but I sure the fuck wish his wife would drop.

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