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What's the difference between a practicing christian and a schizophrenic?

MsDemeanour 8 Apr 7

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The schizophrenic knows he or she is delusional


Um... For the schizophrenic, if one of the personalities is Atheist... They have a shot at being correct at least half the time?


One society applauds and rewards. The other disparaged and considered a disability by society.
Both suffer from delusions.


A nice pair of white shoes?


The big discrepancy is the reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and lack of motivation. Most Christians don't fall in these categories.


One is mentally ill and the other believes in a god.


Schizophrenics don't have to go to a special building once a week.

I think it's saner to take your medicine than eat the body and blood of christ

@MsDemeanour I think you could expand that a little more. I'm against eating the body and blood of anybody named Jesus.

@Paul4747 lol YOU just haven't been hungry enough!!

@MsDemeanour Maybe if you know a Jessica, I might nibble a bit in a friendly way... 😉
I still draw the line at drawing blood though.

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