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We have new terrorists! Iran's Republican guard.
Not Israel which siezes land and claims it to be their own.
Not Saudi Arabia which openly kills journalists and bombs it's neighbour.
Not the US which kills more than any other.
Not Brunei which has just reintroduced death via stoning for gays
Not Nth Korea's army
Iran's Republican guard is more of a threat......apparently. Just in time for Israeli elections.

Never has "one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist" been so true.
The definition of terrorist is very loose and can be applied, or not, to any group to justify bringing the revamped patriot act into play. This allows the pres, CIA and the Pentagon to bypass congress with very little oversight.
Not good.
Ed; Revolutionary guards. My bad

powder 8 Apr 8

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The revolutionary guards are terrorists, no question.

zesty Level 7 Apr 8, 2019

What's your definition of terrorist?


Of course they are dying to start a war with Iran.

It's a very dangerous game as China has a defence pact with Iran. If something started I don't see China sitting this one out. Or Russia and the EU, who have long historical ties to Persia, would be ripped apart.
A silver lining? I think it would be the end of the Saud royal family and Wahhabi influence in Mecca and Medina.

@powder I rather that there was no war, no matter who has ties with whom, after all the US has many military installation around the world, which one cannot say any other country has.

@Jolanta no sane person does want war.

@powder Seems to me like there are many people that are happy to joint the army, navy and airforce and go out to war under the pretext of bringing democracy.

@Jolanta they are retarded. Retarded by doctrine (nationalism) and repetitive messaging. How long has the message of "people in the ME hate Americans" been promoted? Decades. Today's 18 year olds have grown up being bombarded with this message. This has retarded their logic and reasoning ability.
Why its vitally important to protect kids from all belief ideology indoctrination. It fucks people's lives up

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