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I did not know a special word existed for this despised class of people

St-Sinner 8 Apr 10

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Enabled by the Kakistocracy


We had plutocracy before we had kleptocrats, but they had to be kleptocrats to become plutocrats, but we had no word for it. Necessity being the mother of invention we can now point out the force that drives the evolution of language.
Rich people are or were crooks or inherited it from their crooked ancestors, and now we have the vocabulary to call them out.


It was invented to characterise the East European and formerly Soviet post communist governments.

zesty Level 7 Apr 10, 2019

Perfect isn't it?


An apt description of the Trump administration in just one word.


It's in common use the last few years, before that was rarely used... the definition has consequently shifted a bit, it wascloser kin to kleptomania before.

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