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No one jumping on the wagon of the event horizon telescope picture?...... Look it up, the logistics itself is quite something

IamNobody 8 Apr 11

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A few more, and then I'm stopping, because I'm getting obnoxious.

Naaahhhh... Obnoxious????... Never!!!.... You can get away with it and you know it ?


Actually sciencey ...


Black hole is flat, y'all!


I'm contributing, here, lololol


The hell? It's been all over everywhere, including here. I'd say you'd have to have been hiding behind a black hole to miss it, but even that wouldn't work. ?

1of5 Level 8 Apr 11, 2019

I wasn't behind it because you've seen my msg but, maybe I am too close to the horizon and I don't get much notifications? ??


It’s astounding, so exited to shut the naysayers about black holes up!


See? First one when I checked my FB.

Nice !!!!! You my friend are really cool !!!

I meant it


It's close to every fifth post in my feed. I'm good!

Mmmmmmhhhhh....IamNot getting those..... Did I forget to pay the bill??


I've just watched a 9 min video about it and I'm still none the wiser about it. I'll have a look at the image when it's available but won't really know what I'm looking at.

Nobody does, it's all new. Suffice to say, they are just beginning to scratch the surface


It’s awesome!

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