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It seems very radical though but sometimes violence can be used for a greater good. #bullseye

aamir2062 2 Apr 11

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When my mother was 9 years old she was raped by a catholic priest. Her big brother, my Uncle Tony, walked in when it was happening and ran home and grabbed an ax and was going to go kill the priest. His father stopped him and told him "he's a man of god and to do him no harm". Uncle Tony told me he wishes to this day he had been bigger, he was only 11 years old, as he still wanted to kill the priest. It has haunted him his whole life. This is what I see in this picture, a haunted child who will never forget.


Nice! Gun control at it's best. Look at that beautiful entry wound!

zesty Level 7 Apr 11, 2019

Only for the pedophile preists.

@aamir2062 Yes. For all pedofil people!


Not a solution.



That really does tell the story. Riveting, I’ve looked at that photo a few times. My heart goes out to the boy. I feel nothing for the dead priest.

The boy's posture shows as if he never wanted to do this.

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