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The reason we do see god is because he lives in a black hole. We just now have been able to get the first pictures of where he lives. As technology improves we might get to actually see him. As a black hole in our universe he will pull in all matter. Once that happens the black hole will be unstable and explode in a Big Bang sending matter every where. And in 7 god days life will be created.

Jk1960 7 Apr 11

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Is that you, @Antifred?

@Antifred Not in the literal sense.


You've got be kidding, " God lives in a Black Hole," but we can't actually see Black Holes, just like God we can only IMAGINE what they MAY look like and since there's NO proof nor evidence that God ever existed or even exists then how one merely postulate that god resides anywhere.

Well I was in a black hole and felt like god

@Jk1960 Yeah right, now pull the other leg it plays Jingle Bells.

@Jk1960 I hope you were wearing protection because if not you may have contracted god AIDS

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