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Allamanda 8 Apr 11

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It's a great story told by a Christian who has a very high regard for his pagan forebears.


Okkkk . . . but does that rule out that it was not handed down orally before being written down? There is only one extant copy, sigh.

I don't have enough knowledge, or in fact any, in the field, to postulate that the cohesion they found would not be there if that was the case...

@Allamanda Indeed. Linguists can determine to a great degree if a work is by a single author, i.e. There are two passages in Josephus wherein he speaks of Jesus that are obviously additions by editors. The Hebrew Scriptures are also obviously by different authors as not only are the versions different (two creation myths and two flood myths) but by the name used for god. Beowulf COULD have been written down by one writer, but could still have been passed down orally. Unless we find another copy, there is no way of even guessing, and there is only ONE copy.



1of5 Level 8 Apr 11, 2019

isn't it amazing, one person's words, to survive so long... I've always been enamored of it!

@Allamanda it is amazing.


Its amazing what technology can do today, along with asking the right questions.

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