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I saw a T-shirt in the local army/navy outlet the other day that said "Infidel" in bright white letters over black. Think I'm gonna go back and buy it. I was wondering what the equivalence in Christian faith would be? Maybe "Sinner"?
There's gotta be something better, that's too easy.

CurmudgeonBoy 5 Apr 11

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Infidel has always meant Atheist literally "no faith" no theism most commonly used by muslims against invaders ..... since General Swartzkopf invaded Saudi Arabia Kuwait and Iraq, those shirts are pride shirts 1990 by the millions.... accordingly an Atheist shirt would be understood by xians without military implications while INGERSOLLs most famous most repeated lecture was : WHAT GREAT INFIDELs HAVE BROUGHT TO CIVILISATION ?


Pagan fits too! Try wearing it, you'll get all kinds of interesting remarks. 😉

Now there's an idea. Best I've heard. Especially since this pandemic. "automatically will keep most all distant" and may get some responses of all kinds at 6 feet away or as a German friend said 2 metres.


Adulterer or evildoer. not as rough sounding thought.. I'll think of somethin eventually, cause now this is gonna bug me until i know the answer

I got a few awesome replies.....Heathen and Heretic were among the best,




Heretic Thats perfect. Thanks! someone also replied Heathen. Another good one



Heathen. I like it. another reply was Heretic!

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