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Islam is invading. Islam is facsism. Get ready for the war.
Look at all the justification and denial of islam's evil...

Jacar 8 Apr 12

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Islam is a death cult.

Jacar Level 8 Apr 16, 2019

Islam and nazismo are almoust the same

They are coming for me on agnostic. Watch out.


Looks true!

zesty Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

Jacar we've had multiple exchanges and they're all alike. It must be hard to be you, so angry, paranoid and living in such irrational fear?

yeah. i must appear to be the boy who cried wolf. Must be because I read about what is not known in the US.
Learn about the Rothetham scandal.(
The no go zones in sweden.
The rape nights in germany.
The insanity of suppression in every "MUSLIM" ruled country.

Every war has had those who were deemed alarmists. i bear that burden now.

@Jacar yeah, yeah, yeah. nationalist yealling wolf.

@t1nick You need to read to learn something about the reality outside of the US>


I ingest at least 5 hours of news a day at a minimum. Yes much of it is popular cable news, but I find it wanting in world news. I supplement with BBC4, NPR, VOX, Reuters, etc. I do not own a television. My news comes primarily via streaming and the radio. I have been a news junkie for years and do not see myself as ill-informed or oblivious to what is hapoening around the world. I have traveled outside the country and have seen and experienced the world. My perspective is not tempeted by American ethocentrism.

It is important to know the credibility of the sources you chose. I've not been impressed with your choices. They all have agendas. Yes, many of my sourses have a liberal bent, bur they are far more balanced selection than what Ive seen presented by you.



Wait until the islam entry in your politic


Just look at the way the "good" evangelical "christians" think immigrants, women wanting abortions, anyone who doesn't agree with them completely, or disagree with our excuse for a president should be treated. A Jew or disabled person in Nazi Germany had better prospects.

Just look at how 400 million women are treated in muslim ruled countries.
Islam is different.


The sky is falling too.

THHA Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

The point is how much we are being told there is no problem.
You just responded exactly how they want you too.

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