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Greatest product review ever.. for a Nerf Bow. Open the image and read the whole thing. Link below if you have trouble viewing...


By flithyMONKEYmen7
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That is awesome, and sounds suspiciously like some of the nerf battles that have taken place in my office.

There are more amazing reviews on the Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bears on Amazon. []
Do not drink anything while reading those unless you want to clean it off your monitor.

icolan Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

That’s awesome, reminds me both of why I work from home and why I miss the office. A few years ago the Ellen show had these cows that shot minature ping pong balls, I brought some to the office and we had a blast

GwenBFree Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

That was one helluva well written review. Well executed cubical warfare, fantastic.

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