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I am not a racist! Said the republican voter selling the rope to the executioner.

Yes folks. With the current White House occupant being enabled, his base loudly proclaiming he is the best, and we may apply “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Marcel3405 7 Apr 14

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People would rather die in poverty than think things through.


I am just glad we are waking up to understand that we aren't living in the post-racial society we were lead to believe existed. We have yet to exorcise our "demons" from the past...and until we have a real frank discussion about them, where we listen instead of shout people down, we will never move forward. We will never eradicated racism...we can only hope to continue to push it to the fringes...


Trump is not the problem, he is a symptom of the problem. We need to get rid of Trump, but we will still have the problem to deal with.

Old and dumb white people and those bastards are dying out.

@J75243 Wish it were that simple, there are younger people who support him as well.

@creative51 There are much less of them now. Because of technology, younger people are more generally educated and informed.

@J75243 I hope you are correct, but I have to see the results in real life.


Between 40% and 30% of republicans voters are loyal trumpets. The rest are more evil becuse they know .

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