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As a Lifetime Student and Admirer of the Plastic Arts... I feel Sadness every time something like this happens... even if I recall How Often Destruction was Made in the Name of jesus, god, mudhammed, prophets and other bull shit deities and figures... the pyramids, the coliseum will still be standing, World Trade Center Twin Towers and Notre Dame Cathedral won't be and it is a Downer specially all the Art Work inside the Structure and the History of Not only Paris but France in Flames but... Fuck It. Another Monday in Paradise... like a religion says... "This is The Day the Lord Provided us." Handle it, handle it. Time to Round Up "The Usual Suspects"... All Hunchbacks Residing in Paris!

By GipsyOfNewSpain8
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I'm just glad I was able to visit it while it was still standing.

Lucky you... it is just not the building and structure... is the history that it served as background and of course all that was inside. Many Atheist never been in a Cathedral... never had the opportunity to admire the Art Inside. They are like Living Breathing Museums with Real Life in it different from many other structures and buildings.


I need to find a better link to the story. It is a sad day for France and all of us who enjoy what man has created.

It is the News in all the News Sites.... Upstaging trump giving the presidential medal of freedom to cough syrup drinking tiger woods for winning a golf tournament he had won before 4 other times.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I had hopes Tiger Woods would reject the medal. I would but then I don't drink cough syrup. trump must hate being up staged. smile001.gif

@silverotter11 Here is a good link of Notre Dame thru History.... They are Golfing Buddies sure they trade wife cheating stories....

@GipsyOfNewSpain Thanks you for the link. Both are these men are disgusting.

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